Many former Monash University/BioPRIA students have gone on to successful careers in engineering, business and education sectors.  See where they are now!


  • Dr Stefan Buergmyar (PALS) – Vacuum evaporation of process water from recycled containerboard mills
  • Dr Maoqi Lin (PALS) – Modulating Nanoarchitectures and properties of self-assembled cellulose nanocrystal composites
  • Dr Poornima Vijay (PALS) – Green oxidation of lignocellulose to obtain nanocellulose and its applications
  • Dr Debjani Ghosh (PALS) – Novel applications of hemicellulose from lignocellulose waste
  • Dr Diana Alves – New concepts of freeze-drying human red blood cells in pre-transfusion medicine
  • Dr Simin Miri – Development of modified cellulose nanofiber wastewater treatment membranes for combined ultrafiltration
  • Dr Mostafa Dehghani (PALS) – Photocatalytic degradation of persistent organic pollutants in water using ZnO/CNF catalyst
  • Dr David Mendoza (PALS) – Engineering Nanocellulose: Chemical Functionalization for Applications.


  • Dr Humayun Nadeem (PALS) – Advances in spray deposited nanocellulose films
  • Dr Mahdi Naseri – Point-of-test biosensor for the detection of waterborne bacteria
  • Dr Wriju Kargupta (PALS) – Energy efficient production of nanocellulose
  • Dr Laila Hossain – Engineering sustainable nanocellulose superabsorbent: characterization and applications.
  • Dr Maisha Maliha – Applications of organobismuth-nanocellulose composites as antimicrobial materials.
  • Dr Ruth Barajas Ledesma (PALS) – New concepts of lignocellulosic materials in agriculture.
  • Dr Leo Lebanov (PALS & UTas) – Application of multivariate statistical analysis and machine learning on the signals recorded in analytical chemistry in the metabolomic studies of natural products.



  • Dr Shaun Ang – New functional printed or coated materials based on cellulose nanofibers.
  • Dr Llyza Mendoza (BAMI) – Engineering Dynamic Nanocellulose Hydrogels.
  • Dr Kirubanandan Shanmugam (BAMI) – Nanocellulose based barrier materials.
  • Dr Thilina Gunawardhana (BAMI) – Biorefinery opportunities in a thermomechanical pulping mill.
  • Dr Aysu Onur (GRIP, Monash University) – Engineering cellulose fibre composites for liquid filtration.
  • Dr Xue Zhang (BAMI) – Investigation the effect of inorganic pigments on fabrication of super-hydrophobic paper.
  • Dr Anurag Parihar (BAMI) – Production of platform chemical from lignocellulosic biomass using a fluidised bed reactor.
  • Dr Negin Amini (BAMI) – Microwave pre-treatment of lignocellulosic biomass.


  • Dr Lionel Longe (BAMI) – Synthesis of bio-polymers starting from deconstructed lignin.
  • Dr Jinhuo Dai (BAMI) – Depolymerisation of lignin into fine chemicals.
  • Dr Mahmud Kibria (BAMI) – Computational Fluid dynamic modelling of Entrained flow gasification of biomass.


  • Dr Uthpala Garusinghe (BAMI) – Nanoclay-nanocellulsoe composites for barrier applications.
  • Dr Praveena Raj (BAMI) – Interaction Between Charged Polymers In Cellulose Nanofiber Suspension
  • Dr Pramod Sripada (BAMI) – Biomass Gasification for the synthesis of chemicals.
  • Mr Zhiyong He (BAMI) – Developing of super wettable materials using cellulose manofibers for the application of Oil/Water separation
  • Dr Natasha Yeow – Low-Cost Paper Diagnostics For Indirect Antiglobulin Sheet.
  • Dr Windy Ziwei Huang – Paper Based Diagnostic Device Development.


  • Dr Whui Lyn Then – Antibody-Antigen Interactions In Low-Cost Paper Diagnostics For Blood Typing And Bioassays.
  • Dr Lizi Li – Blood Typing Using Bioactive Paper Devices and Liquid Micro Reactors.