BioPRIA is pursuing the following three main research platforms to maximise the value of our renewable forest resources to create new value add products. The three platforms are aligned with our strategies and reflect combined strength across partner organisations.

The Processing Lignocellulosics into High Value Products Hub aims to convert renewable and readily-available biomass material and waste streams from the Australian pulp, paper and forest industry into new value-add products that are in high demand in existing and developing markets. Research in this platform will identify new applications and products derived from lignocellulose and will feed the pharmaceutical, chemicals, plastics and food packaging industries.

The focus of Bioprocessing Advanced Manufacturing Initiative Hub is to develop both functional materials to maximize the value of forest resources and green chemistry and energy solutions for bioprocessing industries. BAMI research will identify complementary bioprocessing opportunities for the industry partners and the broader Australian industry to improve profitability and sustainability.

The Diagnostics research platform aims to engineer paper based diagnostics for health, environment and food safety applications and to maintain the bioactivity of biomolecules immobilised on a paper surface. A successful outcome from this research area is papers that have been treated cheaply to identify blood type groups.