“Creating industries of tomorrow through research and innovation”

In the last two decades, the Australian pulp and paper industry has been very efficient at improving efficiency. Through engineering and best practice, the industry has drastically decreased cost of production, energy and water consumption and developed the ability to produce current products from recycled fibers and lower fiber grades. Unfortunately, these achievements have not resulted in increased profitability or employment. This is due to a decreasing demand for products combined to increased automation. The world has changed. Paper is no longer the vehicle of communication, leading to the inexorable decrease of demand for newsprint and fine paper.  While sectors such as paper for packaging and tissue have remained strong, the industry has been challenged at developing new products and emerge from traditional markets. BioPRIA aims at fulfilling this innovation gap by providing the innovation and the training required to implement it.

The Bioresource Processing Institute of Australia (BioPRIA) is an institute engaged in creating new industries and transforming established ones through education and research. Located within the Department of Chemical Engineering at Monash University, BioPRIA is the offspring of the Australian Pulp and Paper Institute (APPI), which was established in 1989.