BioPRIA is actively pursuing new partnerships and projects with both industry and research organisations. The Institute aims to provide world-class technology-based research, development and training enabling sustainable innovation for a competitive Australian bio-resource industry. Our research focuses on converting bioresources and waste streams into high value-added products. BioPRIA brings together a world-class multi-disciplinary team of university scientists and industry partners to collaborate together and resolve transdisciplinary projects and important challenges.

BioPRIA research team has leading expertise in:

  • Colloids & Surface Engineering
  • Green Chemistry
  • Bio-Diagnostics
  • Nanocellulose materials
  • Biorefinery & Sustainable Processes
  • Food Engineering

Our industry partners, each with their expertise, will help to shape the research directions, collaborate in the research activities and drive the technology transfer. Through our academic and professional courses, BioPRIA engages our engineers and scientists in the practical and theoretical aspects of biotechnology, nanomaterials, sustainability and engineering data analysis. This enables them to respond to some of the biggest environmental, economic and social issues in the growing bio futures industry.