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Novel renewable composites are engineered with unique properties made from wood and agriculture residues. From wood and plants, we are developing a series of nanocellulose materials: micro fibrillated cellulose (MFC), nano fibrillated cellulose (NFC), and nanocellulose crystals (NCC). These three types of nanocellulose can be combined with nanoparticles to develop recyclable composites that are transparent to translucid, are electricity conductors or insulators, are very strong and flexible or provide gas and water vapour barriers. Applications are in intelligent packaging, food preservation and lighter/thinner packaging, low cost/disposable reverse osmosis membranes for water and food processing purification, and industrial air filters.

Project focused on:

  • Cellulosic fibre and non-woven materials for high performance applications
  • Super-hydrophobic and super oleophilic paper for liquid and food packaging
  • Engineering specific barriers with coated paper
    • Nanocellulose coating for reverse osmosis membrane
    • Nanocellulose-nanoparticle composites
  • Novel biopolymers applications
    • Advanced characterization techniques
    • Nanocellulose-polyelectrolyte to complexes

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