Student Chapter Presentation – Friday 16 August 2019

//Student Chapter Presentation – Friday 16 August 2019

Student Chapter Presentation – Friday 16 August 2019

When: Friday 16th August 2019, at 12pm-1pm

Where: BioPRIA Building 59, 15 Alliance Lane, Clayton VIC 3800

Speaker: Stefan Bürgmayr

Title: Novel Strategies of Advanced Water System Closure for Recycled Paper Mills
Abstract: As global water scarcity intensifies, production costs for water intense industries increase and water system closure becomes a crucial process optimization measure. The pulp and paper industry realized substantial water savings between the 1960’s and 2000, making it a great example for successful industrial water stewardship. Nevertheless, the paper sector still counts to one of the largest commercial fresh water consumers. To maintain productivity of high-speed machinery and product quality, every production line has its specific limitation to system closure before negative effects due to highly saturated process waters outweigh ecological and economic advantages from water savings. Currently used technologies efficiently remove suspended solids from process waters but cannot prevent colloidal and dissolved substances from accumulating and consequently adversely affect machine performance and product quality. To overcome limitations to system closure, innovative ideas need to be developed. Visy Industries as one of the world’s leading paper recycling companies, designed and built a pilot plant that allows to investigate a novel concept for water reclamation for the ultimate goal of ‘zero liquid discharge’. The presentation will give an overview over the versatile roles of water in paper making, ways to increase water efficiency and novel approaches for advanced water system closure.
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