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Truong’s ARC Linkage project, in collaboration with Kraft-Heinz Company, aims to explore the valorisation of polyphenols and dietary fibres in legume hydration wastewater. This partnership with Kraft-Heinz highlights the industry’s interest in understanding the nutritional properties and potential health benefits of these components. The project specifically focuses on investigating the anti-digestive enzyme capacity of polyphenols, studying the interrelationship between polyphenols and enzymes, and examining the effects of the valorised polyphenols and dietary fibres on gut microbiota modulation in the colon. By combining academic research and industry expertise, the project aims to contribute to the development of innovative approaches for utilizing and enhancing the nutritional value of legume hydration wastewater. Truong Le works under the supervision of A/Prof. Sushil Dhittal and Prof. Gary Williamson.