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Damodar Dhakal is in his second year of Ph.D. program in Chemical and Biological Engineering, dedicated to pioneering plant-based dairy mimics. He works under the supervision of A/Prof. Sushil Dhittal, Dr. Tayyaba Younus and Dr. Ram Bhusal.  Through his cutting-edge research, he explores the influence of probiotic culture on plant-based yoghurt, delving into product formation, molecular characterization, and sensory attributes. With a focus on proteolytic activity, rheology, storage stability and metabolite formation, his aim is to ignite a paradigm shift in the field of plant based dairy alternatives. Backed by Monash University, he brings a master’s degree in food engineering and Bioprocess technology, along with over a decade of experience fostering professional relationships. Driven by challenges, he thrives in tackling demanding projects and reshaping the future of plant-based food science.