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Associate Professor Vanessa Wong –¬†School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment

My research explores the spatial and temporal interactions between soils, sediments and water at a range of scales. I am interested in the role of soil-surface water-shallow groundwater processes ranging from the micron scale to the landscape scale in landscape function. I seek to understand how these biogeochemical processes occur in a range of environments. This has allowed me to work closely with industry, government organisations (local, state and federal) and catchment management authorities to develop and apply findings from my research to improve land and water management strategies.

Specific areas include:

  • Assessing the effects of land degradation processes like increasing salinity, sodicity and acidity
  • Remediation of degraded environments
  • Soil organic carbon dynamics
  • Assessing acid sulfate soil environments
  • Understanding the interactions between the hydrology, geomorphology, and soil and water biogeochemistry
  • Determining the effects of waste application on agricultural land
  • Developing new techniques for rapidly mapping soil and shallow groundwater properties in coastal floodplain environments
  • Examining how climate change and climate variability influences the above processes

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