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Dr. Matthieu Gresil joined the Department of Materials Sceince and Engineering in May 2020 as Senior Lecturer. He obtained his BSc degree in Physics (University of Nantes, France) and MSc degree in Physics option Matter and Materials (University of Nantes, France). He completed his PhD from Ecole Normale Superieure of Cachan, France in 2009 in collaboration with DCNS (French Navy) on the integration of functions (structural health monitoring and electromagnetic shielding) in composite materials. He joined the University of South Carolina as Post-doctoral Research Fellow (2010-2014) and conducted research on SHM using multi-physics finite element to study guided wave propagation in composite and metallic structures. Then, He joined the Department of Materials at the University of Manchester in 2014 as Lecturer in multifunctional composites.

His interdisciplinary research is focused on (i) multifunctionality that could be built into a composite structure, such as health monitoring, self-healing, reprocessing, recycling, thermal-load dissipation, and electrical enhancement; (ii) emerging polymer materials such as vitrimers which can heal and morph with a thermal trigger; and (iii) bio-inspired 2D/3D morphing materials using printing technology and nanotechnology.

Research Interests

  • Advanced multifunctional composite materials
  • Structural health monitoring (Ultrasonics, Acoustic emission, distibuted optical fibre sensors)
  • Nano-composites (2D based materials)
  • self-healing, reprocessing, and recycling composite materials
  • emerging polymer materials such as vitrimers
  • multi-physics multi-scale finite element simulation
  • Bio-inspired morphing composites

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