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PhD Scholarship Opportunity
ARC Hub for Processing Advanced Lignocellulosic (PALS)

The Opportunity – Transform the Australian Bioresource Industry!
Are you ready to be part of a team of passionate, innovative and progressive researchers, academics and industry partners to transform the Australian Bioresource Industry?
We have 11 fully-funded PhD positions available at Monash University’s leading Bioresource Processing Research Institute of Australia – BioPRIA. As part of the second cohort of the industry-focused ARC Industry Transformation Research Hub for Processing Advanced Lignocellulosics (ITRH-PALS) you will develop functional materials and high value sustainable biomass-based products with the potential to displace existing technologies and transform the manufacturing industry.

About us
PALS is an industry-focused ARC research transformation Hub which aims to convert renewable biomass and waste streams from the Australian Pulp, Paper and Forestry Industry into high-value products in existing and developing markets. PALS will leverage world-leading Australian and international research capabilities in chemistry, materials science, and chemical engineering to create bio-based materials and chemicals leading to new companies and jobs in an emerging Australian bio-economy.
This research will identify new applications and products derived from lignocellulose and will feed the pharmaceutical, chemicals, plastics and food packaging industries. PALS PhD candidates will benefit from interdisciplinary research, and develop professional skills and networks with Universities and industry.

PhD projects:
1. NSSC/Kraft Lignin as building block for value chemicals and polymers
2. Engineering paper and cellulosic materials for biomedical applications
3. Lignocellulosic fibres for sustainable agriculture
4. Processing recycled fibres into high value products
5. Functional paper packaging (2 projects)
6. Paper as a performant construction material
7. New functional molecules from lignocellulose for advanced applications
8. Hemicellulose as a chemical intermediate
9. Engineering nano/micro-cellulose fibre and production processes
10. Surface engineering of nanocellulose and nanoparticles for applications


Clayton campus, Monash University

Employment Type:
Full time

3-year fixed term appointment

Monash Graduate Scholarship stipend rates apply $29,000 per year (tax-free).

Position Description:

Project Descriptions: