Student Chapter Presentations: Fri 15 Feb 2019

//Student Chapter Presentations: Fri 15 Feb 2019

Student Chapter Presentations: Fri 15 Feb 2019

When: Fri 15 Feb 2019, at 12-1 PM

Where: Bioresource Processing Institute of Australia (BioPRIA), building 59/15 Alliance Ln, Clayton VIC 3800, Australia

Alex will be presenting his research on formation of smooth nanocellulose films by the spray-coating method. He will discuss the effect of incorporating a glycerol plasticizer to these films, to improve their flexibility and transparency. He will also describe a new method of plasticizing these films, by spray-coating a plasticizing solution separately. Using this new method, he will outline how this can rapidly produce waterproof films upon addition of AKD into the plasticizing spray.

Saveen Giri and Guillaume Garnier will also be presenting their work on “Freezing red blood cells: automated classification of shape and improving survivability”.¬†Due to the short shelf-life of donated red blood cells (RBCs), freezing is required to store them for long periods of time. While we are unable to freeze cells in their native state, traditional additives allow 70-80% of frozen cells to survive. Here we investigate the use of different additives to shift RBC shape to improve the survival rate. We have developed bespoke software to quantify RBC shape and determine how it affects survivability during freezing. Due to the complex nature of cell shape, it can be difficult to manually categorize cells into shape groups. Thus, the software was created to give distinct classifications to a large number of cells. By changing the shapes of the RBCs prior to freezing, we consistently increase their survivability to 93%.

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