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Cellulose Nanofibre Workshop - 15th July 2016 - BioPRIA, Monash University


BioPRIA has held the 2nd Cellulose Nanofibre Workshop in collaboration with Appita. The aim of this workshop is to provide an overview of the applications for cellulose nanofibres, the world-wide market and future outlook and more significantly, the current capabilities within Australia in the production of this emerging material and its applications.

On the day, there were approximately 30 attendees from industry and academia. Welcome addresses were given by Professor Gil Garnier (Director of the Bioresource Processing Research Institute of Australia - BioPRIA) and Dr. Warren Batchelor (Deputy Director of BioPRIA and leader of the Materials Platform of the Bioresource Advanced Manufacturing Initiative - BAMI Industry Transformation Research Hub).

Both morning and afternoon sessions were filled with interesting presentations. Dr. Warren Batchelor discussed worldwide research production and trends. This was followed by characterisation of cellulose nanofibre dimensions in suspension and its effect on the flocculation mechanisms and drainage time presented by Ms. Praveena Raj from BAMI, Monash University. Similarly, Professor Darren Martin from University of Queensland, also shared business development and commercial opportunities with Spinifex-derived nanocellulose technology. At the end of the morning session, demonstrations were given of cellulose nanofibre production and sheet manufacture. This was followed by a product showcase which included nanofibre aerogels for oil-water separation, latex-nanofibre composites, tempo oxidised nanofibre gels and barrier layers.

The day continued with an interesting talk on the applications of cellulose nanofibres in recyclable thermoplastic nanocomposites from Associate Professor Takuya Tsuzuki, Australian National University. More diverse presentations were also given by Monash University's researchers on the application of nanocellulose. This included the possibilities of spraying nanocellulose in the base sheet for packaging applications and cellulose nanofibre hydrogels.

Finally, to conclude the workshop, Professor Gil Garnier thanking everyone who organised, participated and supported the event. Many attendees felt that there has been significant improvement in terms of variety of topics covered during the day, and that they were satistified with the quality of presentations delivered. The attendees also gave constructive feedback on the workshop and they would like to see more university-industry research collaboration to understand the application and commercialisation of research outcomes in the industry.

 BioPRIA-BAMI Launch Small

The Bioprocessing Advanced Manufacturing Initiative (BAMI) is a new Industry Transformation Research Hub hosted by BioPRIA and funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC), six complementary industry partners and Monash University. 

BAMI entails a three-year $3.5 million investment in R&D, training and industry partnerships. The Initiative draws on the expertise of experienced research engineers, scientists, and manufacturers to advance the competitiveness of the Australasian pulp and paper industry through the development of new functional materials and green energy solutions from bioresources.

BAMI has enormous potential for both the pulp & paper industry and the community as a whole, including job creation, revenue generation from both existing and new markets, improved manufacturing processes, and natural resource protection and regeneration.

 BAMI was launched on 16th September 2014 at Monash University's New Horizons Building.
Pictured [l-r]: President and Vice-Chancellor,

Monash University, Professor Margaret Gardner AO; CEO
Australian Research Council, Professor Aidan Byrne; Director BioPRIA, Professor Gil Garnier;
Federal Minister for Industry, the Honourable Ian Macfarlane MP;
and Deputy Director BioPRIA,

Dr Warren Batchelor.









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